A few notes regarding the resources under this menu.

Woodgreen will be addressing the compliance with Alberta’s privacy act. This will entail defining a privacy policy and drafting a privacy statement. One implication of this will require granting permission to be included in the directory, as well as permission to be available in the online directory and permission to be sent news pertaining to Woodgreen. In no event will we share personal information outside of Woodgreen. Oversight of the production of the directory is charged to the deacon responsible for compliance with Canada’s & Alberta’s privacy laws. There are also privacy concerns related to employees regarding how long we can retain their personal information and logging when that information is redacted from our files (both electronic and hard copy).

Member Area – is reserved for members/adherents of Woodgreen PCA and requires a common username and password to access this information. Please contact the office to get the login information.
Members and adherents can view contact information of members that have granted permission to do so.
Financial reports and volunteer lists are available in the member area as well.

Library – This is a simple online public access catalogue of our library. The catalogue is maintained by Jessie Mercer. An update is expected to be implemented in the next few months that will support more search terms. Some cleanup is also required of some of our online resource links as they have changed or are no longer available. Book reports are now included under Woodgreen blogs.

Mobile Version – The implementation uses the information stored or posted on the main site, but uses its own menu structure though it is patterned on the main site. One undocumented “feature” of WordPress is that it ignores any attempt to control text formatting and does its own thing. This attempt at user friendly text formatting makes it incompatible with any other approach of embedding posts and pages. We may try to reverse engineer the process … But there are higher priorities at the moment. (Like completing the phone directory)

User Posts – have been disabled to discourage blog spammers. We may open comments on the latest blog, but that will attract a significant amount of unwanted spam.

Suggestions and recommendations are welcome via the office email address which is preprinted on our weekly bulletins. Anyone who wishes to help in this effort is welcome to attend a quick overview of WordPress, and we will set up a personal username and password for your use. It should be noted that there are WordPress apps for android and iOS that work with the site.